Diving Deep: Cohort 4 – Day Two

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The second day of this three-day course for Master Teachers and other experienced primary programming teachers covers selection, variables and make your own blocks.

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Reflective Diary for Cohort 4

Printed activity sheet for the day 4

Research on learning trajectories – Rich et al. 2017

Session 4 Selection


Increase understanding of selection specifically:

  • Different forms of selection
  • Using design to represent selection
  • Progression of selection
  • Event driven programming and other programming paradigms

PowerPoint Session 4

Lesson Plan Session 4

Session 5 Variables


Increase understanding of variables specifically:

  • What is a variable
    • analogy misconceptions
    • initialisation
    • data types
    • data structures
    • scope
  • Using design to represent variables
  • Progression of variables
  • Roles of variables

PowerPoint Session 5

Lesson Plan Session 5

Session 6 Make your own blocks and lists


Increase understanding of make your own blocks and lists specifically:

  • What is a procedure – make your own block
  • What is a list
  • Using design to represent procedures/make your own block and lists
  • Progression of procedures and lists

PowerPoint Session 6

Lesson Plan Session 6


Additional Materials

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