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If you’re an ICT or computing teacher in London, we can keep you informed by email about upcoming courses, workshops and other support for London’s computing teachers. Teachers in the UK can also sign up to receive free copies of cs4fn (Computer Science for Fun) magazines for their classrooms, and back issues while stocks last

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  1. London teachers: sign-up form to hear about local events and downloadable resources [orange form]
  2. Teachers worldwide: sign-up form to hear about new downloadable resources [orange form]
  3. UK schools: teachers & librarians: subscribe to receive future issues of cs4fn magazines [purple form]
  4. UK schools: teachers & librarians: request back issues of older cs4fn magazines and booklets [blue form]
  5. UK primary school ICT teachers: sign up to receive copies of “A bit of cs4fn“, our new mini magazine for primary-aged children (Years 5 and 6) [green form]

1. London teachers: sign-up form to hear about local events

2. UK teachers: subscribe to receive cs4fn magazines

Our main funding has now ended, however we hope to find ways to continue to send class sets of magazines to school subscribers and homeschoolers. Please fill out our purple ‘new subscribers’ form below if you would like to be added to our subscription list. We will send copies of our new magazines if we have the resources to do so.

If you’d also like to receive back issues please also fill out the blue form further down this page.

3. UK teachers: request back issues of older cs4fn magazines

This blue form is for schools wishing to receive back issues of the magazine. If you want to subscribe to receive our next edition(s) of the magazine please also fill in the purple ‘new subscribers’ form above.

4. UK primary teachers: subscribe to receive #abitofcs4fn

If you’ve any questions please contact Paul Curzon on or Jo Brodie (