CPD courses

Teaching London Computing has developed a series of continuing professional development courses and workshops for teachers of ICT and computing. We are working through the CAS London Regional Network to deliver these courses across London. We welcome others delivering them. Get in touch.

What we offer
As part of our work as the CAS London Regional Centre (run jointly between King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London) we offer a range of short twilight CPD courses for Computer Science teachers.

For those newer to teaching Computing we have a ‘beginners’ KS3 level course, a course for those getting ready to ‘Teach GCSE Computer Science’ and three courses for those who’ll ‘Teach A Level Computer Science’ focusing on different aspects of the syllabus.

These include programming subject knowledge (we use Python) and pedagogy (how best to introduce the concepts in your classroom). We also offer a module in Computing Education which is part of the King’s MA course.

The courses are

• Teach KS3 Computing
• Teach GCSE Computer Science
• Teach A level Computer Science

1. OOP – Object-Oriented Programming
2. A2 Projects with Databases & Python
3. Teach Algorithms and Data Structures to A-Level using Python

• MA module in Computing Education