Halloween Puzzles and Activities

Here are some computational thinking-linked puzzles for Halloween to download and print.

Colour by number Pixel Pictureshalloween16x16solution

See our pixel puzzle page for lots more pixel puzzles.

Halloween creature odd-even Pixel Puzzle

Colour all the EVEN numbers black to find a hidden Halloween animal.


Odd-land swamp Pixel Puzzle

In odd-land, solid ground is made of odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on). Blue swampy ground is made of even numbers. Colour the odd numbers to find a way through the swamp. Can you spot a pattern of colours to use to colour in the odd numbers?


See our odd-even page for more odd-even puzzles


Halloween Kriss-Kross

Kriss-kross puzzles combine a love of words with a love of logic. Given a list of words of different lengths, you must fit them all in to the grid. See our Kriss-Kross page for more kiss-kross puzzles.kriss-kross15-halloweenV2

Make a Halloween Useless Machine Coffin


Make a Halloween “Useless Machine” coffin. Switch it on and the occupant reaches out of the coffin and switches it off again. See the CS4FN blog post for more on Useless Machines. Find the plans to make your own here.


Make a Pumpkin Head Emotion Machine

The Emotion Machine is a simple card robot head that can be “programmed” to change emotions. Make your own pumpkin head version that can change mouth and eyes to different pumpkin versions

Halloween-linked cs4fn articles

Halloween Computing Jokes

Why do computer scientists get confused between Halloween and Christmas?


Because Oct 31 = Dec 25

What is Dracula’s favourite Computer Science subject?



Why is the number 237 magical?


Because it is Hex ED

What do computers worry about most at Halloween?


A byte from a vampire.

How did the first program die?


It was executed.

How did the second program die?


From a bug.

What is Dracula’s favourite control structure?


A Count-controlled loop

What is Dracula’s favourite kind of computing?


He likes mobile computing too because it is all BATtery operated. Though before that he preferred BATch processing.