There are lots of great books to support learning about Computing and Computational Thinking in Schools. We will gradually add more overviews of ones we really like (kicking off with our own book given it is based on the cs4fn approach..and we like it 🙂

powerofCT.coverThe Power of Computational Thinking: Games, Magic and Puzzles to Help You Become a Computational Thinker, Paul Curzon and Peter W. McOwan.

Written by the cs4fn / Teaching London Computing team, this is a fun introduction to what computational thinking is all about. More

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Now translated in to Chinese in Taiwan


UnpluggedinPrimaryTeaching Computing Unplugged in Primary Schools: Exploring primary computing through practical activities away from the computer, Helen Caldwell  and Neil Smith.

Several chapters of this are by members of the cs4fn/ CAS London team.

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CS Education.jpgComputer Science Education: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning in School, Edited by Sue Sentance, Erik Barendsen, Carsten Schulte

Edited by a member of the CAS London team. Includes a chapter on Teaching Computing Concepts by members of the cs4fn / CAS London team.

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Hacking the Curriculum, Ian Livingstone and Shahneila Saeed

In Hacking the Curriculum, Ian Livingstone and Shahneila Saeed explain the critical importance of coding and computing in modern schools – and offer teachers and school leaders real practical guidance on how to improve their current provision to a generation of youngsters for whom digital skills are critical.

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Guide to Teaching Computer Science: An activity-based approach, by Orit Hazzan, Tami Lapdog and Noa Ragonis

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CODE-IT.jpgCode-IT Primary Programming: How to Teach Primary Programming Using Scratch, Phil Bagge

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