Some of the greatest, most influential computer scientists ever have been LGBTQ+.

Alan Turing: The grandfather of computer science

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Alan Turing, probably the most influential and famous English computer scientist,  has contributed to computer science in a number of highly significant ways.  As well as being known for his Bletchley Park cryptography expertise he also developed underlying theories which are the basis for how everyday computers work and underpin our understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

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Christopher Strachey: pioneer of programming languagesChristopher_Strachey_computer_printout

Christopher Strachey not only wrote the first ever computer game and programmed the first music created by a computer he also developed theories and models which underpin all modern programming languages.

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Sophie Wilson: Chip DesignSophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson designed the chip for the BBC Micro. This was one of the most popular early personal computers. Sophie also co-designed the chip (the ARM processor) that is in almost all mobile phones as well as in tablets, TV’s and almost every other digital gadget in our homes.

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David Bowie: Creative Computingbowie-PIXABAYgedcb3f6e2_640

David Bowie co-wrote an early computing tool to help creativity, based on an algorithm he used to help write lyrics.

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