Our workshops for teachers of ICT and computing will get you up to speed on computing concepts (like algorithms, searching, variables and assignments) and computational thinking and give you ideas for how to teach computing in a fun, inspiring way.

The activities are suitable for all age groups and can be adapted to fit your teaching needs. See the descriptions of each session for details of the topics it covers.

Our workshops include

  1. Computational thinking: searching to speak
  2. Invisible palming! Intelligent paper? So what is an algorithm?
  3. Programming unplugged: learning programming without computers
  4. Computational thinking: it’s about people too
  5. Interdisciplinary Computational Thinking through Modelling
  6. Abstraction, representations and graphs: explorers need maps
  7. KS2 and KS3 Computing Unplugged
  8. The Magic of Computing
  9. GUI Programming in Python
  10. Turtle Graphics: transition from Visual to Textual programming
  11. Sorting Unplugged

The workshops last 60-90 minutes and are run as very interactive lectures.

Linked Resources
These sessions come with linked activity sheets and ‘story’ write-ups which are available from the pages linked above.

Linked Resources
We run workshops at Queen Mary University of London and elsewhere. If you would like to host one or more workshop for your local teachers, then please get in touch with Jo Brodie ( You are also welcome to give the workshops, or single activities from them, yourself to your local teachers. All the resources are available to download.

10 thoughts on “Workshops

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  2. is there anyway to register so that I am emailed free courses coming up in order to register?

    • Hi Halima – yes :) I’ve taken a note of your email address which you added in the comment form and will add it to our database. Just to clarify, we don’t have any free *courses* (they cost £150, or £300 for teachers outside of London) but all our workshops are free.


    • Hi Zak – Yes, I’ve added your name to the database and will let you know when we have some dates for future workshops.
      Best wishes,

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