LCT Centre Online Roundtable

On Thursday the 4th September 2020, Paul Curzon and Jane Waite presented at the LCT Centre Online Roundtable (4pm Australian time).

Karl Maton kindly asked Paul and Jane to provide an overview of their research and to lead a discussion on the use of semantic profiling to analyse and improve unplugged computing teaching and learning activities.

This webpage is the resource which accompanies the event, its short link is

Here is Paul’s presentation as a pdf and here is Jane’s as a pdf too.

Here is a link to the collaborative google doc – . If you can’t access this here is the pdf (Taken as a snapshot at the end of the session)

For more information on applying Semantic Profiling in computing education contexts, including presentations, research papers, book chapters and blog posts see our page on Semantic Waves.

Using an unplugged approach to teaching computing is a popular way to teach about fundamental concepts. The scope of what might be termed unplugged is understood to mean different things by different people. For Teaching London Computing and cs4fn we view unplugged as being activities which teach about underlying computing concepts without using a computer. Different techniques are used to do this, such as through analogies, storytelling, magic and puzzles. We use an unplugged approaches in our teaching activities, teaching resources and in our student facing courses and teacher professional development. There is no one place to find unplugged in Teaching London Computing – it is everywhere!