Teaching A-level Computing

This course is for those wishing to teach A’level computing. It follows on from our GCSE Computing CPD courses and assumes you are familiar with programming in Python or a similar language.

Course Materials
Accompanying course materials can be found on the A-level Computing CPD Resource page. Login details will be given to those attending the course. Please contact us if you would like to deliver a version of this course to your local teachers.

Course overview

Session Topic
1 Python recap: Programming concepts – in Python, Learning programming, Errors; types and scope, Algorithms versus languages
2 Algorithms 1: Search, Sorting, Complexity
3 Python 2: Arrays and Exceptions, Representing information
4 Recursion: Principles, Recursive algorithms – binary search, Recursion in code
5 Computer architecture: CPU, Assembly code, Compiling, Comparing compilers and interpreters
6 Python 3 – Object Oriented Programming: Concept of modularity, Class and functions, Constructors
7 Running programs and operating systems: Processes, Memory management, Scheduling, Linking
8 Software development: Structure charts, State Transition and Class diagrams, Practical examples, Introduction to Inheritance
9 Algorithms 2 – data structures: Lists, Trees, Stacks- RPN, Graphs
10 Theory: FSM, Regular expressions, Syntax and parsing

The A level (and GCSE) Computing CPD course focuses on subject knowledge. As delegates learn the subject knowledge they reflect on and discuss how the material can be delivered in the classroom. We exemplify  issues relating to the ordering of materials and the links between different topics; however, we do not give a detailed scheme of work.

The course is taught using Python and includes much practical work. It is essential to have experience in programming, to GCSE level at least, including assignment, if statements, loops and arrays and ideally also function definitions. Delegates should be confident to solve simple programming problems requiring approx 20-50 lines, either with Python or a similar language.

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Page updated in 2019 – 21 January 2019

12 thoughts on “Teaching A-level Computing

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  3. Please could you run another A level computing course over the summer holidays, preferebly a week long course. thank you.

    • Hi Z – we’re in discussions at the moment, probably going to happen week of 17 August. Are you on our mailing list to receive info when we publish new details? If not please use the sign-up link in the menu, thanks :)

  4. Hello Z, is it possible to do this course remotely? I’m based in the East Midlands and really like the look of your course content. Thanks

    • Hi Lee we don’t have a firm date but it’s looking likely that this will run from Wednesday 21 September 2016 for 10 weeks with a half-term break in the middle.

    • I’m afraid not Anuradha, however we do plan to make the course materials publicly available in the future.

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