This page is for those involved in the computing industry who would like to support computing education by volunteering in some way.

As an industry volunteer you can raise the profile of computing education by providing careers information, supporting local schools, mentoring teachers, helping in programming classes, developing educational software and even running a code club.

Opportunities in London include:

1. Open a dialogue with your local school to support them as they start to deliver the new computing curriculum.

2. Join CAS! Computing at Schools with nearly 20,000 members represents computing educators across the UK. Contribute to our online community, attend CAS hub meetings or work with a CAS Master Teacher.  If you are interested in volunteering through CAS London please register here and we will put you in touch with your nearest CAS contacts. You can also find out what support is available in your area by putting in your postcode on this page.

3. Become a cs4fn speaker running workshops or giving school talks. Write articles on computing topics for the cs4fn website and magazine or write Scratch programs that link to unplugged activities (such as ‘Create a face‘) and share on the CAS community resources page.

4. Support the Digital School House, a Mayor of London, UKIE initiative that provides primary pupils with computing workshops in London secondary schools. Register your interest here with Digital School House.

5. Volunteer with one of the coding clubs in your Borough, or set up a code club. There are a number of out of school coding clubs, some are commercial organisations but many others rely on volunteers to run their sessions such as Barefoot Computing, Code Club,  Young Rewired State (Hyperlocal), Coderdojo.

6. Become a STEMNET Ambassador, Science Learning Network Teacher Industrial Partner or you or your organisation could work with STEMettes Or get  involved with GLA London AmbitionsBCS Scholarship Scheme, or Founders4Schools.

More information

Find out more information about volunteering through the CAS website.

This page has been produced by CAS London, the regional center for Computing At School (CAS), and Teaching London Computing as they work to support schools deliver the new computing curriculum in London.

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