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  1. Hello, my daughter is studying 3rd year at London College of Communicatio and for some projects is urgently loooking for a person who can teach her how to do grafics/ animation on computer. She does have skills but noone to teach her except tutorials online. Her Professors seem to be incredibly disinterested in helping her and she needs help quickly. Do you know someone in the London area who could help??
    Thank you very much in advance,
    Best wishes, Susan Mariani

    • Hi Susan – I’m afraid I don’t know of anyone. It might be worth you / your daughter contacting specialist organisations like film schools, Ravensbourne College etc though as they will have particular classes in this, I’d also recommend looking at things like Hotcourses to see if there’s a short course she could do. Perhaps she could stick up a notice in a shared area asking if others are interested in learning animation, other students could pool some money together and get a professional in to tutor them – BAFTA might also be able to suggest someone.

      We don’t teach graphics, just Python and programming skills (and only to London teachers).

      Best wishes,

  2. Hi
    I would like to attend the CPD A level course, either the 10 week or 1 week version! but can’t find when they are starting or how to sign on for them! can anyone help?


    • Hello Paul

      We aren’t running any courses at the moment (the Teaching London Computing project was a two-year project from 2013-2015) though staff from the project are now involved in the CAS London Regional Centre which will be co-ordinating courses around London. Any new courses or events will be shared through our mailing list (https://teachinglondoncomputing.org/sign-up/) as well as on this website and our Twitter.

      Best wishes,

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