1. Computational Thinking: Searching to Speak

An inspiring unplugged session on teaching computing for teachers.

One of the worst medical conditions I can imagine is locked-in syndrome. It leaves you totally paralyzed except perhaps for the blink of an eye. Your intelligent mind is locked inside a useless body, able to sense everything but unable to communicate. How could a computer scientist help? 

We will use this problem to illustrate a way to introduce computational thinking skills, as well as core computing topics such as search algorithms and how to compare them. More generally we will demonstrate how computational thinking ideas can be introduced in an integrated way using cs4fn ‘unplugged’ activities, games and magic tricks, getting students out of their seats and away from their computers.

Session material
This session covers:

  • What is Computational Thinking?
  • Inspiring ways to teach Computational Thinking.
  • How do computers find things? Search algorithms.
  • How do we tell which algorithm is best? Efficiency Analysis.
  • An introduction to using magic tricks to teach computing concepts

Activities are suitable for all age groups and can be adapted to fit your teaching needs.

This session comes with linked activity sheets and ‘story’ write-ups that you can download:

This is a self-contained interactive interactive lecture. It will last 60-90 minutes.

Similar sessions on other topics
Want to get up to speed on more computing concepts or ideas for how to teach computing in a fun, inspiring way? We have developed series of other  similar sessions.

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