ABC for Schools

ABC is a learning design process developed by UCL to support universities to integrate online technologies into blended teaching sequences.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, primary and secondary teachers are hastily moving their provision to emergency remote teaching  (ERT) including the use of low, mid and high tech activities.

School teachers do not have a shared vocabulary, concepts or process to create, convert or review ERT resources. We are working with UK teachers to investigate if,  and how, the ABC process might be adapted to support ERT development.

The first CPD Pilot with teachers took part on 22/4/2020 and we then met every week for six weeks to work on tailoring the approach to school use. Here is the shared document we used.

Following the Pilot, some of the teachers presented their ABC cards at the #CASVirtual20 online conference. The slides for the session are here and the link to the recording is here.

Several other presentations have incorporated ABC

  • Hampshire Conference presentation on Research themes from Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) – slides here.
  • London CLC ABC in schools workshop –  slides here collaborative document here.

For more information on ABC, please see UCL’s super webpages here.