Kriss-Kross Puzzles

Solve these word puzzles as a way to develop logical thinking and pattern matching skills needed to enjoy both computing and maths, while practicing spelling.


Kriss-kross puzzles combine a love of words with a love of logic. Given a list of words of different lengths, you must fit them all in to the grid.

Learn about:

  • logical thinking
  • pattern matching
  • computational thinking

Also for younger children practice and explore:

  • numeracy
  • counting
  • writing letters
  • spelling

Teach as part of:

  • computing
  • maths
  • english, or
  • linked to a theme

Starting Strategies

  • If there is only one word of any length left then find the blank word in the grid of that length and the word goes there.
  • If you know some letters of a word in the grid then count how many letters long it is and compare the unused words of that length with the pattern of known letters. If only one matches you have found where it goes. Otherwise you need more information so try another word in the grid.


Here are Kriss-Kross puzzle sheets and solutions that you can download.




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