Maths Kriss-Kross

Solve these maths puzzles as a way to develop logical thinking and pattern matching skills needed to enjoy both computing and maths, while practicing maths too.

These puzzles were the idea of Daniel, aged 6.

maths-kriss-kross1-christmasV1Kriss-kross puzzles combine a love of maths with a love of logic. Given a list of sums, first  solve them, then fit them in to the grid. There are also sums to find and do in the pictures.

Learn about:

  • logical thinking
  • pattern matching
  • computational thinking

Also for younger children practice and explore:

  • numeracy
  • counting
  • arithmetic

Teach as part of:

  • computing, or
  • maths

How to solve them

Start with any sum where there is only one sum of that length. Then find a place in the grid with that number of entries and fill it in.

Then look for clues! Are there any numbers, +, – or = symbols in the grid that mean only one sum can go there? If so you can fill in another sum. Always check nothing else fits too though. If it does you will need to find a different clue and sum to do first, then come back to this later when you know more.


Christmas, by Daniel, age 6maths-kriss-kross1-christmasV1