Odd-even pixel puzzles

Odd and even pixel puzzles are colour-by-number puzzles where odd and even numbers are coloured in different colours.


Learn about:

  • spotting pattern
  • odd and even numbers
  • binary numbers
  • the way computers can use numbers to represent pictures

Being able to spot odd and even numbers is about spotting the pattern. What digits do odd numbers have in the 1s column? What numbers do even numbers have in the 1s column?

Computers are good at spotting odd and even numbers – as they count using binary (they only use 1s and 0s).  Can you see the pattern in the binary numbers below.

0: 000bitofcreature.jpg

1: 001

2: 010

3: 011

4: 100

5: 101

6: 110

7: 111

All even numbers end in 0 in binary! All odd numbers end in 1 in binary!

Computer images and 3-worlds in computers are built out of numbers, using different numbers to mean different things.

Have children create their own odd or even pictures. Have them create pictures using odd and even numbers from 0-7 but written in binary.

Halloween creature odd-even Pixel Puzzle

Colour all the EVEN numbers black to find a hidden Halloween animal.



Odd-land swamp Pixel Puzzle

In odd-land, solid ground is made of odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on). Blue swampy ground is made of even numbers. Colour the odd numbers to find a way through the swamp. Can you spot a pattern of colours to use to colour in the odd numbers?