Industry volunteers needed for teacher support on teaching about networks

 Who are you, who are we, what we need, when and where we need you and why?

Who are you: We need five to ten industry volunteers who work in London in networking e.g. as network controllers, network architects, installation engineers, network architects etc.


Who are we:  We are Queen Mary University of London and we are running a free teacher training course for secondary school educators who teach about networking. This course is part of the Mayor of London sponsored TechPathways programme. An important aspect of our course is that industry should be involved in the training.

Networks flyer for Industry Volunteers (2)

What we need: We need volunteers who are can:

  1. Careers talk: Visit a class to talk about careers in networking and what it is like to work in IT.
  2. Workplace visit: Host a class at their place of work and show them what it is like to work in IT (optional)
  3. Class support: Support a teacher during the delivery of networking lessons (optional)
  4. Attend training: Attend the training course to find out how the teachers will be delivering material and to contribute to the training (optional)

When & where we need you: The training day is Friday 28th June 2019 at London Connected Learning Centre, SW4 0EL. Schools will be in London. The visit to the school will be either in July 2019 or Sept 2019 (to be agreed with the teacher). Any work visit would be at a similar time or later.

Why (making change happen): We know that teacher professional development only works if teachers are able to apply their training in their classroom practice. To do this they need support and motivation to make changes. As part of this training, Queen Mary University of London will be supporting teachers to write a case study of their changes to classroom teaching and learning which will be written up as a research study. We will be providing teachers with online meetings during their implementation and case study write up.

Why (making change relevant): Learners and teachers have little experience of what it means to work in IT. Therefore by having an industry volunteer involved in the teacher’s professional development, this will provide motivation, relevancy and support to teachers as they implement their training.

Are you the right person for us?

For further information please contact Jane Waite

Many thanks for your support!