Networks course 28th June

Friday 28th June 2019      

Free CPD on teaching networks in secondary school with a focus on pedagogy and industry/careers links.

Only 20 educators will be enrolled on the course, therefore we expect to ‘sell out’, please book your place early link here

What is this course about?

Networks! But more importantly the pedagogy for teaching about networks to your pupils.

Tailored to you: The course will be tailored to your key stage & your current knowledge of the topic area.

Research-led:  Underlying content knowledge, resources, pedagogical approaches with a focus on objective setting, incorporating progression, embedding assessment and differentiation.

Do it in class as part of a community: You will be asked to undertake a classroom, afterschool, or CPD case study/project on networks. You will be supported during this period. We will encourage attendees to work in pairs/groups to deliver, adapt materials, team teach etc.

Career information and Industry links: As well as integrating career information in the course, we are finding industry contacts. These contacts might facilitate a class to visit their business, give a careers talk at your school or team teach a particular lesson or lesson part.

General pedagogy skills: This training is not just for networks, by undertaking this course you will gain pedagogy knowledge and skills which are transferable to other topics.

Binary Boxes: We will be using Binary Boxes to teach the basic concepts of networks. Class sets will be available for schools to loan as part of their projects.

Online material: We will be using free online networking resources. These will be available for you to use.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any teacher who teaches networks to learners of 11 to 24 years of age. We welcome educators from non-formal settings who teach this topic.

How much will it cost? NOTHING

Who will be delivering the course?

Duncan Maidens from Birmingham City University (renowned expert on Networks) and Jane Waite from Queen Mary University of London (helping out on pedagogy). This course is part of the London GLA sponsored TechPathways programme.

When will it be? How long is the course?

The course will be one & a half days face to face & 2-3 hour online sessions (or more should you need them).

Day 1 (face to face) 28th June 2019. The final face to face half-day will be in Autumn 2019.

Where will the course be?  

London Connected Learning Centre, SW4 0EL