Exercises 4 learning 2 code


For beginners to experienced coders, at school or University, looking for some practice in learning to code in Python, a language extensively used throughout the world in 2018.

You can start off with any of the exercises and continue.  If really, really, too hard, roll back to some previous ones to find your personal starting level.

You will need the ability to run Python programs on your computer, although many exercises can be run on online Python environments. At time of writing (Nov 2018) the current version is 3.7.1 – we’d recommend anything after 3.4.

If you would like a password to get started or have any questions please e-mail: trevor.bragg@computingatschool.org.uk

Enjoy, Exercises 4 Learning 2 Code it is free.

Do keep a record of your progress and what you learn.