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Learning to code should be a series of enjoyable challenges.

Like learning to walk, play a musical instrument or play a sport well, it requires much personal effort, experimenting, learning from mistakes to improve.

Many UK schools and universities have replaced their introductory programming languages of Visual Basic and Java with Python.

All exercises follow the PRIMM methodology, carefully guiding learners with example code before asking students to solve a problem from scratch. PRIMM provides sample code to Predict what will happen when it is Run to see what does happen. Students Investigate the code, Modify it, then finally Make some new code to solve problems.

Both King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London have extensive experience of successfully following this methodology finding it very popular with students and teachers.

The resources had been provided by CAS London Master Teachers each with extensive experience of teaching learning Python from Beginner upwards.

Alex Hadwen-Bennet, Hardip Mothada, John Feleppa and Trevor Bragg

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