Free #EdSciFest event on Friday afternoon from @QMEECS / @c4dm colleagues – @SeeingMus1c

Seeing Music Live
Friday 9th July – 13:00-14:30 BST

“Our senses form our window into the world. Join language expert Dr Christine Cuskley, psychoacoustician Dr Charalampos Saitis, and sound artist-researcher Sebastian Löbbers to learn about how people associate colours and forms to sound, how human sensory experience varies across individuals, and how associations between the senses support uniquely human forms of communication like language and music. Turning our Seeing Music Interactive Exhibition (also part of #EdSciFest 2021) upside down, students of the Centre for Digital Music at QMUL will improvise live music in response to visualisations generated on-the-spot by you!”


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Check out, a digital exhibition with interactive musical games and the Seeing Music Interactive Exhibition as part of Edinburgh Science.

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