Computer Science and Music

Most people love some kind of music. Some even dream of being rock stars, but the combination of computational thinking skills and an interest in music opens up even more exciting avenues. Audio engineers constantly change the way we both make and listen to music, from the formats we use to listen to music, to creating new forms of computer generated musician.  They can also use their skills to use sound in other novel ways, from anti sound that cuts out unwanted noise, to multimodal systems that give the blind new ways to interact with computers. Those with musical ability, computer science and electronic engineering skills together with a creative flair can both make new sounds but also change the way the rest of us make and use sound.

Activity Sheets

Watch this space.

Booklets and Magazines to download

cs4fn subject portals

There are lots of fun articles on the cs4fn website linked to music and audio engineering more generally:

External Resources

Download an app based on Steve Reich’s Clapping Music. Explore rhythm and help a research experiment.

Learn to program using music and making sounds. Download Sonic Pi and get started.

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