Cohort 4 – Day Three

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The third day of this three-day course for Master Teachers and other experienced primary programming teachers covers control, planning and assessment.

Online Collaboration link for the day

Printed activity sheets for the day sheet for sessions 7,8,9.

First could you reflect on anything you have done or changed in class (or in CPD you have delivered) which has been impacted by days 1 and day 2. Here is the link.

Session 7 Control


Increase understanding of control specifically:

  • Vocabulary associated with control and the control model
  • Examples of real world and school control (including physical devices)
  • Using design to represent control
  • Progression of control
  • Pedagogy for teaching control

PowerPoint Session 7

Lesson Plan Session 7

Session 8 Assessment, Differentiation, Progression


Increase understanding of assessment, differentiation, progression & planning specifically:

  • Marking Programming
  • Forms of assessment for programming
  • Progression in programming
  • Forms of differentiation

 PowerPoint Session 8

Lesson Plan Session 8

Session 9 Planning review


Increase understanding of planning for programming particularly looking at

  • What influences us when we set lesson plan objectives
  • Scaffolding approaches incorporated in planning (by reviewing planning)
  • Levels of abstraction incorporated in planning (by reviewing planning)

PowerPoint Session 9

Lesson Plan Session 9

Design – end of course survey (Orange)

(Please do the 1st one now (IT IS ORANGE) and the general one (IT IS GREY) in a week or two – I will email you :))


General – end of course survey (Grey)



Additional Materials

End of training survey (you will need your diving deep numbers)

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