KS3 Course Week 2

In this week we introduce binary numbers and how they relate to the number systems we are used to. A knowledge of binary is essential to understanding how the computer works. Again we model unplugged exercises which can be developed further depending on the students in your school.

In terms of the programming element, we introduce functions using turtle graphics in Python. Using functions early on in programming enables students to develop good programming habits from the beginning and develop the skills of abstraction and decomposition, aspects of computational thinking.

Binary numbers presentation and here is the version with the answers in!

Binary numbers activity

Binary addition activity

Python programming exercises part 1

Starter program 1 (download and save)

Python programming exercises part 2

Starter program 2 (download and save)

Answers to the Python exercises can be found here:

Tasks for week 3

Additional resources (zipped)

Trainers’ notes (password protected)