Digital Art & Design with processing Course

Post-course survey  – in which you can request an industry visitor and to take part in a case study.

Presentations and resources  from the TechPathways Digital Art and Design Course 1st Nov 2019


Resources on teaching processing

CS4all creative media lessons   This is a set of fabulously detailed lesson plans from the New York CS4All team aimed at year 7’s It uses ps5.js (a version of processing and web tools to create an emoji) There are also teacher CPD materials.

Resources on Digital Art and Design

Durham Commission on Creativity and Education Oct 2019:  Recent commission on teaching for creativity in schools.  Excellent report with recommendations such as

6: Digital technologies, creativity and education

The education system should support young people to engage creatively and critically with the digital technology that is now a significant part of their everyday lives. To achieve this:

  • The DfE should seek additional funding for training for teachers in digital literacy and digital creativity, with time and resource committed to it.
  • Nesta should manage a pilot programme working with education, business and the cultural sector to explore how digital education in schools can develop the creative digital skills most in demand by employers.

Artnome Excellent website featuring artists work produced using coding, with really helpful explanations and lots of illustrations and links to more examples.

Medium This is a website with instructional guidance as an introduction to coding your first artwork. A really good place to start.

Google – `generative art’ Google the term ‘generative art’ – then choose images tab to see lots of examples of different forms of generative art.   From these examples, you can select the images that interest you and then select the weblinks in the information window that opens on the right of your screen to find out more, or to access websites with guidance on ‘how-to’.

freeCodeCamp  A really simple introduction to beginning to code for art and design. See the section on: An introduction to Generative Art: what it is, and how you make it

Skillshare    A website devoted to sharing digital techniques and approaches.  This page introduces an easy introduction to coding for art and design. Processing basics for beginners. There are lots of products and resources in the form of coding guidance you can copy and paste to get yourself started. Authors are also available to answer questions and give advice.

generative artOnline culture magazine that chooses to develop specific areas of youth and modern culture. They have a page devoted to generative art and contemporary generative artists.

S[edition] An online art magazine with pages focusing on contemporary practice.. A page is devoted to generative art and contemporary generative artists.

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In Radiohead’s video for “House of Cards”, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.

How they made house of cards


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Michael Takeo Magruder

Michael Takeo Magruder (b.1974, US/UK) is a visual artist and researcher who works with new media including real-time data, digital archives, immersive environments, mobile devices and virtual worlds. His practice explores concepts ranging from media criticism and aesthetic journalism to digital formalism and computational aesthetics, deploying Information Age technologies and systems to examine our networked, media-rich world.