Upcoming computing teacher CPD courses from NCCE / STEM Learning / FutureLearn ^JB

The National Centre for Computing Education’s Computer Science Accelerator Programme is “a professional development programme designed to support teachers from non-specialist backgrounds who want to improve their knowledge of computer science and teach it at GCSE level.”.

There is a suite of courses taking place around the UK (or online): face to face courses delivered by the NCCE Computing Hubs are booked through STEM Learning and online courses are booked through FutureLearn. Some bursaries may be available for priority schools.

The info on this page about face to face courses relates solely to courses taking place in London.

You will need to create a free account with STEM Learning to view or book detailed information about face to face courses (and with FutureLearn for online ones).

Online courses
The current list of online courses which can be taken anywhere.

Face-to-face courses
The current list of face-to-face courses in London and Upminster.

Teaching and leading key stage 1 computing – CP001
Teaching and leading key stage 2 computing – CP002
Primary programming and algorithms – CP003
Algorithms in GCSE computer science – CP200
Data and computer systems in GCSE computer science – CP201
Python programming essentials for GCSE computer science – CP203
GCSE Computer Science – developing outstanding teaching – CP205
NCCE Train the Trainer – CP705
NCCE facilitator development programme (stage one) – Invitation Only – CP725

This Google Sheet links to all the currently available face to face courses in London/Upminster. The first tab (Courses) is just a basic list with a link to the landing page for each course. The second tab (Dates overview) includes each instance of a course in London (linking directly to its booking page) as well as the current start dates (most courses run over more than one day) – if you want to re-order by date use the Date value column to do so (select column, click Data then choose to order the sheet by that column). The other tabs are information for individual courses.

Note that the CP725 course is by invitation only.

Fig 1. Screenshot from the Dates overview tab of the Google Sheet of courses, ordered by the Date value column

This spreadsheet won’t be regularly updated, it’s only a snapshot produced for this post, but will be updated for future newsletters.