The @CS4FN Christmas Computing Advent Calendar + things to print & do / make ^JB

Throughout the Advent Calendar season (1-25 Dec) we’re publishing a blog post every day on the CS4FN blog. All of the posts are (obviously) related to Computer Science in some way but we’ve also tried, where possible, to theme the posts to match the picture on the ‘front’ of the calendar.

For example the post accompanying the pair of mittens was about gestural gloves and pair programming, the post that went with the coloured patterned bauble was about printed circuit boards, the snowflake linked to hexahexaflexagons and so on.

There are some posts from our archives (CS4FN has been going since 2005 so we have a LOT of material) and some newer stuff too. We’re having lots of fun with it. We hope you are enjoying it too. Merry Christmas from CS4FN and Teaching London Computing :)

Things to print / make / do

Print and colour (then cut out and fold) a hexahexaflexagon. There’s also a ready-to-print full colour version (above) and instructions to create one without a printer.

You can also make your own festive hexahexaflexagon (or design your own with our instructions, no printer needed for that, just paper, ruler, pencil) and with some of the posts we’ve included a puzzle, so you can download a PDF of all of them so far (plus the answers).

All the puzzles so far.