Teaching Networks – Pedagogy Course

Teaching Networks – Pedagogy Course

This is a course on teaching networks, but more specifically the pedagogy –  how we teach not what we teach. The underpinning material is based on current research themes for teaching computing in schools.

To investigate how useful the course is for teachers we have organised the course as both a training programme and as a research project. Therefore, we are asking participants to complete short pre-course and post-course surveys.

Cohort 1 & 2

Using binary boxes. How many pupils can use a pair at once?  Answer SIX

Rohini’s lesson material for using binary boxes

At the end of the course, we will ask participants if there are opportunities to apply what they have learned in their school and support them to write up case studies. The case studies will be used in the research and as part of ongoing training material.



Concepts and Curriculum

Classroom Resources

Notable Protocol resources (also in the google sheet)