Box Variables: Understanding Variables and Assignment

Box Variables: Understanding Variables and Assignment is a booklet on programming using the language Python. The booklet is written by Paul Curzon of Queen Mary University of London based on the cs4fn approach.

  •  Variables and assignment are important early concepts to understand when learning to program. Without a good understanding of them you will struggle to move on and master more advanced concepts. They are easy to misunderstand, however. If you realise it is a problem it is also easy to fix. It boils down to realising variables are like storage boxes with built in photocopiers and shredders
  • Learn about programming, assignment, variables, identifiers.
  • Download the linked classroom activity sheets: The Box Variable Activity  (there’s also a short video) and the Assignment Dry Run Activity

More of our resources, including linked classroom activities can be found in our resources section.

3 thoughts on “Box Variables: Understanding Variables and Assignment

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