The Chocolate Turing Machine with Paul Curzon – the video of the talk

During lockdown Paul Curzon’s been giving regular (almost weekly) talks on various topics relating to computing subject knowledge and pedagogy using unplugged methods. There are full details of previous talks on our Online Live Lectures page but a list is below.

  1. The Chocolate Turing Machine
  2. Improving computing activities using Semantic Waves
  3. Teaching programming: the importance of dry running programs
  4. Computational thinking: searching to speak
  5. The Magic of Computer Science (part I)
  6. The Magic of Computer Science (part II) – Wed 1 July, 4.30-6pm, FREE tickets here

All of Paul’s talks are delivered via Zoom and are recorded. We’ve edited the recordings so that only Paul and his slides can be seen on screen, and we’ve removed the question and answer parts. These are now being gradually uploaded to our YouTube channel and the first video in our Lockdown Lectures series is now there to watch.

The first talk, given on 13 May 2020, was on The Chocolate Turing Machine. Paul also gave a version of this talk a few weeks later at the CAS Virtual Showcase so if you missed either talk, or just want a refresher, here it is.