Free talk for computing teachers tomorrow – The Magic of Computer Science (part 2)

Paul Curzon will be giving another FREE Lockdown Lecture for computing teachers / educators tomorrow afternoon.

The Magic of Computer Science (part 2) follows on from the first part last week (but is a standalone lecture so don’t worry if you missed last week’s talk; you can also catch up on the slides and resources here).

The Magic of Computer Science (part two)
Wednesday 1 July 2020, 4.30pm-6pm BST (1530-1700 UTC)
FREE, Zoom
[Eventbrite ticket link] [Information page]

Registrants will be emailed a Zoom link and further info on Wednesday morning. Register now for a free ticket.

Overview of talk

To become a great computer scientist you need some of the same skills and understanding of great magicians. In this series of talks we will look at a series of links between magic and computing. There are many connections: to computational thinking, to core computer science topics and to human-computer interaction, for example. Magicians rely on people making mistakes. When people make mistakes using technology it is important to look at how to improve the system, rather than blaming the person, if disasters are not to repeat and lives are to be saved.

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The published talk will be edited so that it’s just Paul’s slides and commentary.
There will be an opportunity for questions so please don’t unmute your microphone until then. We’ll also have a Google Doc open for questions (things can get lost in the chat window).

There’s a maximum of 100 participants, if you’re no longer able to attend please let Jo know to allow another to attend.

Please test in advance that you’ll be able to hear the talk. You can test settings and familiarise yourself with the layout by joining a test room (you’ll be the only participant) here – there are more detailed instructions and screenshots (from a Macbook laptop) on our Using Zoom for our Online Lectures page.


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