New: Catalogue of Coding / Computer Science courses for digital learners from @IoCoding & @FutureLearn ^JB

A screenshot of the IoC's Find a Course search bar

The Institute of Coding (IoC*) has created a new online course catalogue, delivered through FutureLearn, to support digital learners in getting the right skills for their career. The IoC has 33 partner universities (QMUL is one, here are our current IoC courses^) and educators with a range of face-to-face or online courses across the UK. These include short taster courses and degrees / modules.

The courses have been designed with input from employers and industry to ensure that learners on these courses are getting the relevant skills they’ll need.

Teachers may be interested in having a bit of a rummage through the different courses to see what’s available, for example there is a focus on in-demand areas like cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Rachid Hourizi, Director of the Institute of Coding said “The IoC’s mandate is to respond to the UK’s digital skills gap, and this easy-to-use course catalogue will help the next generation of learners develop the skills that they need to be highly employable.”

You can read the IoC’s full press release here

Institute of Coding launches online catalogue of digital courses

*”The IoC is a government-funded national consortium of educators, employers, outreach groups and professionals formed to respond to the UK’s digital skills gap.”

^The Computer Science department at QMUL also has short courses and events. There are all sorts of digital / techy events and learning opportunities across London and beyond, some examples are listed here, and see picture below.

Screenshot of various logos of providers of courses, events or tech kits and support



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