TeenTech twilight event in London for teachers – digital careers / skills for your students – 18 April, FREE

In 2016 the Shadbolt review (aka ‘An independent review of computer science degree accreditation and graduate employability‘) noted that the wide range of possible computing-related career paths was not clear to graduates (nor presumably to school students) and with such a large field it’s hard to make sense of the options available.

We have gathered evidence that, outside of the large and well-known technology companies, the potential computer-related careers paths on offer to graduates can often be unclear and that graduate outcomes can be impacted through a lack of knowledge about the industries in which they could make effective use of their skills and knowledge.” – 7.29, p77 of 91 of the Shadbolt review

Computer science and careers teachers who’d like to be able to share more information with their students about future digital / data and tech careers may find this free twilight event next week rather useful. The event is…

“…suitable for all teachers, careers advisors and head teachers whether or not their students are attending TeenTech events and will offer valuable insight into careers in the digital world and in particular within Government. It’s a unique opportunity to build industry contacts and gain first hand insight.

It’s hosted by TeenTech and the Government Digital Service (at GDS premises, E1 8QS).

Date: 18 April 2018
Time: 4-6.30pm (registration at 3.50pm)
Venue: Government Digital Service, The Whitechapel Building
Location: Whitechapel (10 Whitechapel High St, London E1 8QS)
Cost: £0 FREE
Registration link: http://www.teentech.com/teentech-events/teentech-teachers-2018/

If you have any questions please email Dani Longhurst – dani@teentechevent.com who is co-ordinating the event.

Screenshot 2018-04-10 13.37.33




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