Developing a common language for graduate level digital jobs – short survey from Tech Partnership/DCMS

These close tomorrow – FRIDAY 28 July.

If you are an employer, complete the employer survey (deadline now extended to 28 July)

If you are an educator at a university or HE/FE college, complete the HE/FE survey (deadline: 28 July)

This original email below explains the background, I was about to delete it when I clicked and discovered that the competion date had been extended. Result! I’ve updated the date.

Developing a common language for graduate level digital jobs

The Tech Partnership is seeking input from employers to develop a ‘common language’ to describe graduate level digital job roles

The Tech Partnership has been commissioned by DCMS to establish a “common language” which will help employers articulate their skills needs for graduate roles; helps universities and colleges to show their students how their degrees align to these skill requirements; and helps students to identify how their skills align to what employers are recruiting for.

The project takes forward recommendations from the Shadbolt review of computer science degrees and graduate employability.

The first stage of this project is to identify employer requirements for typical graduate-level entry roles. We have undertaken a desk review of job adverts to identify what employers are asking for in typical graduate-level roles. We are now seeking your input on our findings.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. All responses will be collated for the final report but individual responses will not be identified.

Please follow the link to the survey and respond by COB Friday 28th July:

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