The Tour Guide Activity

Devise a tour that gets a tourist from their hotel to all the city sights and back to their hotel. 

This activity is an example of creating an algorithm that is a simple sequence of instructions to do in order. It shows that if we have written down a solution to the problem in the form of an algorithm then we are able to do tours in future just by following the steps, without having to work it out from scratch again. Also if we write down the algorithm we can check that it definitely works by following it step by step on paper.

This activity leads on to the Knight’s Tour Activity – read that next.

Learn about:

  • abstraction
  • data representation
  • computational thinking
  • algorithms
  • sequences of instructions
  • graphs
  • requirements


This session comes with linked activity sheets that you can download:

This activity can be used alone but naturally combines with the Knight’s Tour Activity.

4 thoughts on “The Tour Guide Activity

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