Techy Talks for Non-Techy People (public engagement with computer science)

Events for teachers, schoolkids, families, general public

This is the overview page for a series of posts highlighting some talks and events that touch on computer science or computing-adjacent tech and which are not aimed solely at an academic audience (e.g. I’ve not included university seminars). This isn’t a complete list (an impossible task!) but is drawn from a range of venues and organisations, some already computer-focused, some that have a wider focus but who sometimes host computing events. If you have a suitable event, that the public / schools can get tickets for, please let me (Jo) know, thanks.

Places that have computing themed talks and events

Have I missed yours? Please tell me, thanks :)

Techy Talks for non techy people - image of an audience
Audience image by Mari Smith from Pixabay

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