Information Technology – Black Level

The Computing Progression Pathways suggests that at the black level, on the theme of Information Technology, a student should demonstrate that he/she:

  • Undertakes creative projects that collect, analyse, and evaluate data to meet the needs of a known user group. (Algorithmic Thinking) (Decomposition) (Evaluation)
  • Effectively designs and creates digital artefacts for a wider or remote audience. (Algorithmic Thinking) (Decomposition)
  • Considers the properties of media when importing them into digital artefacts. (Abstraction)
  • Documents user feedback, the improvements identified and the refinements made to the solution. (Abstraction)
  • Explains and justifies how the use of technology impacts on society, from the perspective of social, economical, political, legal, ethical and moral issues. (Evaluation)

The following link to cs4fn articles that illustrate Information Technology – Black Level

  • Social scientists have found that people don’t always help others, even if they realise someone’s in trouble. The only way to figure out why this happens, and what makes a difference whether bystanders help someone, is to study situations like it. But how? Scientists can’t just go around beating people up to see how others will react.

    Stirring up virtual trouble [cs4fn-pdf]

More of our resources, including linked computing ‘story’ booklets can be found in our resources section. You may also want to look at cs4fn’s teacher resources or browse the latest cs4fn magazine.

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