Data & Data Representation – Red Level

The Computing Progression Pathways suggests that at the red level, on the theme of Data & Data Representation, a student should demonstrate that he/she:

  • Understands how numbers, images, sounds and character sets use the same bit patterns. (Abstraction) (Generalisation)
  • Performs simple operations using bit patterns e.g. binary addition. (Abstraction) (Algorithmic Thinking)
  • Understands the relationship between resolution and colour depth, including the effect on file size. (Abstraction)
  • Distinguishes between data used in a simple program (a variable) and the storage structure for that data. (Abstraction)

The following link to cs4fn articles that illustrate Data & Data Representation – Red Level

  • Could you make the most powerful computer ever created … out of chocolates? It’s actually quite easy. You just have to have enough chocolates (and some lollies). It is one of computer science’s most important achievements.

    Chocoholic Turing machines [cs4fn-pdf]

More of our resources, including linked computing ‘story’ booklets can be found in our resources section. You may also want to look at cs4fn’s teacher resources or browse the latest cs4fn magazine.

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