We have several posters Celebrating Diversity in Computing that you can download and print for your classroom. The three sets listed below were created by Jane Waite* and were supported by the Institute of Coding. They are accompanied by a page with information about the people appearing on the posters.

We also have a range of brightly coloured CS4FN posters on our downloads site  (examples at the end of this page, section 4).

  1. Women in Computing – vibrant colours (.pdf for printing, or if a UK school we can post a set to you)
  2. Diversity in Computing – vibrant colours (.pdf for printing)
  3. Diversity in Computing – muted tones (.pdf for printing and .pptx for rolling presentation)
  4. CS4FN posters – various (.pdf for printing)
  5. Other posters (a set from colleagues in our English & Drama dept, and from different organisations)


1. Women in Computing

(Set of 10 posters, vibrant colours, blue accent)
⬇️ Download Women in Computing (pdf)
– these come from the ‘Diversity in Computing – vibrant colourway’ set below.
📖 Find out more about the people on the posters here.

📬 While stock last we can post A3 copies of these to schools in the UK (please note there may be a delay as we are still working from home as of June 2021). Please fill in the grey form here.


2. Diversity in Computing (vibrant)

(Set of 28 posters, vibrant colours, blue accent)
⬇️ Download Diversity in Computing – vibrant colourway (pdf)
📖 Find out more about the people on the posters here.


3. Diversity in Computing (muted)

(Set of 30 posters, muted sepia, grey and light blue tones)
Posters celebrating computer science diversity
⬇️ Download Diversity in Computing – muted colourway (pdf)

🖥️ We also have an editable PowerPoint file which can be used as a rolling presentation for events.
📖 Find out more about the people on the posters here.

Licence for these posters
The posters are made available under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA licence which means you are welcome to share and adapt them for your own needs (non-commercial use only) while crediting us and if you share adapted versions then you need must make them available under the same licence and credit us.


*Here’s what Jane said about the Diversity posters –

“It’s not quite like getting your face on £50, but we hope this is a good way to say thank you…

As part of our work for the Institute of Coding, the Queen Mary cs4fn team have created a set of posters for universities, colleges and schools to celebrate diversity in computer science.

All too often celebrating diversity involves finding one or two ‘star’ people who have contributed to the field of computing. This seems to spotlight the few, rather than shine a broad beam on the many to show computer science really is for all.

We therefore created dozens of posters which normalise the presence of a wide range of people of all ages, from different ethnicities and gender, from the past and present who are making a difference to our world through their work in computer science.

If you have contact with local schools or colleges or friends at other universities, please share the posters with them.”



4. CS4FN posters

Here’s what our CS4FN posters look like, you can get them free from our downloads site, along with all our back issues of the CS4FN magazine and our other booklets and puzzle books – lots of free school resources.


5. Other posters

QMUL colleagues in the English & Drama department have produced some posters to showcase underrepresented writers, you can sign up for free copies here (UK schools and colleges only).

These are posters produced by other organisations which you might also like.

Posters from Ada Lovelace Day including ‘The Amazingly Enormous STEM Careers Poster’, ‘Ten Types of Technologist poster’ and an Ada Lovelace poster.

A Mighty Girl – ‘Free Posters Celebrating Women Role Models in Science, Technology, and Math’. They also have copies of the posters in different languages.

Katherine Johnson coloring page – a digital download (8.5 x 11 inches, US letter-size, but download includes PDF and JPG which can be resized for A4 etc) – print and colour in. Made by ArielleShainaArt, for sale on Etsy at £1.66 at time of writing.

• Isabel Wagner’s series of 35 posters celebrating inspiring computer scientists. Free to download, example below from her Flickr version of the series.

Mark Dean

Above poster is one of Isabel Wagner’s posters, featuring Mark Dean.