Computer Science and Biology

Computational Thinking has given biologists a powerful new way to work. Rather than doing experiments on living things they can now build computational models and simulations of the biological systems of interest, from whole hearts to cancer cells.  Experiments on the models can help them refine their understanding. Computer Scientists have also drawn from biology new ways of doing computation based on the brain and evolution, for example.  New subjects like bioinformatics have emerged where powerful computing techniques are combined with statistics to held decode and understand the DNA of living things.

Activity Sheets

The following activities draw out issues on the links between biology and computing.

  • The Brain-in-a-bag Activity
    • Model the way brain works both as a way to illustrate computational modelling as applied to biology and understand how neurones work. Suitable both for computing and biology lessons.
  • The Sodarace Evolution Activity
    • Evolve creatures to try and win a race, learning about how computational modelling can help test and understand scientific theories, in this case evolution by natural selection.

Booklets and Magazines to download



cs4fn subject portals

There are lots of fun articles on the cs4fn website linked to biology. See the following portals:

External Resources

Explore evolution and the vast variety of choice creatures have in the way they move around the world with Sodarace.


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