Easter Computing

Here are some Easter- and Spring-linked unplugged computing ideas.

Symmetrical Picture Puzzles: Easter

In symmetrical colour by number pictures you are only given the numbers for half the pictures. Use symmetry to work out the rest of the numbers and so the rest of the picture.

If you know something about the properties of a picture you can reconstruct the image despite storing fewer numbers! That is called image compression.

Easter chick design by Elisa Huen.

We have even more symmetrical picture puzzles here and lots of other pixel puzzles here.


Spring Kriss-Kross

Combine logical thinking with literacy.

More Kriss-Kross puzzles


Easter Vector Collage Puzzles

Picasso introduced the idea of collage as art. These puzzles with an Easter theme combine art, maths and computing. You follow the instructions to make a collage picture from a collection of shapes. Cut out each of the shapes provided and place them in the right position on the gird. Learn about vector graphics and cartesian (x,y) coordinates.


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