Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python – online course from @BCS for GCSE teachers ^JB

Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python

Photo of an open Macbook laptop with code on the screen and an open notepad and pen next to it.
Tech image by Lukas from Pixabay 

Helping teachers to effectively teach computer programming at GCSE standard.

This is an eight week, online course for teachers, £995 + VAT
Please contact Caroline Maycock for more information about this course: caroline.maycock@bcs.uk or +44 (0) 7788 575006 

“Whether you’re a secondary school teacher already teaching computing, you want to move into the subject, or you’re an aspiring teacher, it’s vital that you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer programming.

The Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python is an 8-week subject knowledge enhancement programme, developed by teachers for teachers, and is designed to improve and update your knowledge in Python programming to teach at GCSE standard.

More info in the link above, or from Caroline directly. Brief overview below.

What’s covered in the course?

  • Box variables
  • Concatenation
  • Calculations – Counters and incrementing
  • Calculations – Modulo
  • Selection – If, elif and else statements inc Nested
  • Loops (Non-Deterministic and Counter controlled)
  • Lists and Multi-dimensional lists
  • Loops with lists
  • Nested loops
  • Functions with parameters
  • Bubble sort
  • Linear search



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