UK Schools – express your interest: Ri Masterclasses in Secondary Computing or Maths ^JB

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A great offer from the Royal Institution, and it’s FREE –

“If you are a UK secondary teacher or school staff, you may be able to nominate a group of school students to attend Royal Institution Masterclasses (for more information on the Ri Masterclasses programme see

To find out what’s on offer and how to nominate students for Secondary Mathematics or Computer Science Masterclasses, please complete this form and we will contact you with available opportunities.

We endeavour to offer all state schools an opportunity to participate in our secondary school Masterclasses, subject to availability. To this end, students may be able to join online Masterclasses if there are no Face-face Masterclasses in your vicinity or you have students with access issues.”

Ri Masterclasses: School Expression of Interest

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QMUL’s involvement (Computing)

Staff from EECS* (the Computer Science department) at Queen Mary University of London have hosted Ri Masterclasses annually (bar Covid) since 2015. Each year we welcome a group of 30 young people who attend six consecutive Saturday morning interactive workshops on a variety of topics including networks, wearable computing, the Magic of Computer Science, robotics, recursion, Lego Mindstorm, soft circuits and noisemakers. See some tweets below about the QMUL / Ri Masterclasses series hosted by EECS.

Paul Curzon also works closely with the Ri, delivering on-site (at the Ri) masterclasses in computer science and giving magic shows as part of their school holiday science programme. The Ri is a partner in Paul’s EPSRC ICT Public Engagement Champion grant. Paulo Oliva regularly presents at our series and is also the academic lead for QMUL’s participation in the computer science Ri Masterclasses. Jo Brodie covers the admin for the series.

*EECS – The School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, QMUL

A range of Tweets, or see hashtag #RiMasterclasses for everyone’s Tweets

and here’s a thread of tweets from the 2019 QMUL / Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science.

The Ri Computer Science Masterclass Network launched in 2014, thanks to a £500,000 endowment and industry support from their partner Causeway Technologies Limited and there has also been generous support from Google for this programme.

Paul and Jo are currently funded on the EPSRC grant below and we are delighted to be involved in the 2023 QMUL / Ri Masterclasses which will take place next Spring.

This blog is funded through EPSRC grant EP/W033615/1.