A browsable archive of job adverts for jobs in tech / computing (or that use computers) ^JB

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by Jo Brodie

This is a post for anyone who supports people in thinking about career options in computer science.


The TechDevJobs repository

I’ve created the TechDevJobs / “Jobs in Computer Science and related tech jobs” repository (a WordPress website) which is free to use. The jobs listed include obviously techy jobs (programmers, software development) as well as the more general ‘jobs involving computers’.

It has two functions (i) to advertise a range of jobs in computer science and (ii) to ‘trap’ closed job adverts and job descriptions for people to browse later at their leisure. The second is actually its main function – to let people see what types of jobs are available, and what their requirements are, beyond the short life of an open job advert.

When a job is advertised there’s a ~month-long application window after which the job ad and accompanying documents generally disappear. Someone might not be quite ready to apply for that role (yet), but a copy of the job description (JD) and person specification (PS) might be useful to them for future planning. A collection of JDs and PSs could help people get an idea of the range of jobs available, the skills needed and the levels of seniority and salaries.

I hope that the repository might also be useful for computing teachers and careers advisors (the job ads are stored on the site so can be downloaded even if the ad has closed).

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The list, of about 35 job adverts and descriptions, which are archiced on the site, is below.

Note: The site is not intended as a first port of call for active jobseekers in computing, for which there are much better places (e.g. Gov.UK’s Find A Job). It’s more of a bookmarking site, where only a small proportion of the jobs would be currently active. See also ‘Further reading’ at the end of this post.



The existence of the TechDevJobs site arose from my long-term hobby of doing the exact same for jobs in science communication, and from reading the Shadbolt Review (2016) which suggested that university graduates in particular were not confident about the range of jobs available. Possibly they are now and this site is actually redundant, but I’m not aware of a collection of ‘dead’ job adverts and I think such a thing has utility.

The next plan for this site is to add a list of employers’ vacancies pages, which could be more of a Magnum Opus given the sheer number of possibilities! Incidentally I’m also a firm believer in “website•co•uk/jobs” being the generic redirect to wherever an organisation hides* its vacancies page.

*On some websites you might have to search for any of these to uncover it: work for us, work with us, working at…, careers, opportunities, vacancies, jobs, recruitment etc.


List of jobs archived on the site


Further reading

Also from the BCS is a look at how people can make an impact with their career in tech. The page ‘repurposes’ job titles to reflect wider themes, such as fixers, finders, problem-solvers, planet protectors, sharers, fun-makers, life-savers etc.