A small make-your-own, colour-in computing zine for small-ish children ^JB

Computer mini zine from cs4fn QMUL and IoC.png

Here’s something to colour in and fold into a little ‘zine’ booklet, about computing.

  • If you have a printer you can print either the Word doc or the PDF.
  • If you don’t have a printer (but do have some patience) you can start by (a) folding a piece of A4 paper into 8 [see video below] and then (b) copy the design and text from the PDF onto it before giving it to someone to colour in. You need to make a little cut (see video) to let it fold correctly.

At the end of this post you can also open each mini-page individually to see what’s on there (you can of course adapt and draw your own pictures instead).

You can fold the zine before you give it to a child, or let them fold it themselves. The ‘on/off’ switch is on page 7 so make sure you press hard when folding the booklet to switch the paper computer on :)

How to fold a piece of A4 paper into a zine – YouTube video

Individual pages
[p01] [p02] [p03] [p04] [p05] [p06] [p07] [p08]

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