A bit of @cs4fn issue 2 out now! #abitofcs4fn

We’ve posted out copies of Issue 2 of A bit of CS4FN to our subscribing schools (and we’ll also be sending copies to the schools who signed up after our mailing cut-off point). Is it in your pigeonhole? It looks like this :) It’s our mini magazine for primary-aged kids (roughly 9 to 11 years old) and can be used both as a computing resource as well as a non-fiction literacy one.

A bit of CS4FN - issue 2 cover, a free computing magazine for primary-aged children

You can also see it beneath the yellow arrow in the picture below, next to the award that CS4FN recently won.


We’d love to know what you thought of it and how you’re using it in your classroom. Please fill in our one-page survey and give us your feedback, thank you very much!

Online magazines, further resources
You can access Issue 2 online as well as Issue 1 and there’s a whole load of other material suitable for young people on our A bit of CS4FN website.

Missing copies?
Let Jo know if you’ve not received your copy but were expecting to on j.brodie@qmul.ac.uk

Refer a colleague
And if your colleagues would like to sign up to receive copies please point them to the sign-up page here. Please note magazines will only be posted to UK addresses, priority is given to UK state schools.

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