FREE IET Christmas talk @QMUL: Do you want to build a robot?

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Click on the robots below to book your ticket(s) – they’re free! Download a flyer to share.

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IET Christmas Lecture
The Great Hall, QMUL
8th December 2017

Films and novels are full of robot stories:
Robots exploring new planets robots helping us at home, robots that are hug-gable and take care of us! But how far away is science fiction from the science reality? Currently, the most common robots used in industry, such as those that build cars, are programmed by people to perform simple and repetitive tasks autonomously.

However, the robots of the future will be different. They will collaborate with people in the same way people collaborate with each other. Find out more about the reality of what is happening in robotics laboratories around the world.

The talk will be given by Professor Kaspar Althoefer, Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov and Dr Lorenzo Jamone.

Event timings:
Doors open & registration: 5.00pm
Lecture start: 5.30pm prompt
Lecture finish: 6.30pm
Reception: 6.30pm-7.30pm



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