An invitation to join our ‘Engagement Network’ for Computer Science teachers in London

The Teaching London Computing project was a two year (2014-2015) project funded by the Mayor of London to support Computing teachers in London who are delivering the new computing curricula. We are currently in the middle of an A-level Computing CPD course and also have some new workshops (free) and miniCPD (not free) sessions coming up as the year ends. We hope to continue providing CPD support to London teachers as it has proved to be a popular and much-needed thing, and we like doing it.

Of course we are not the only organisation offering support and the Events pages at the Computing At School website has information about courses, events, resources etc available across the UK.

Teaching London Computing are applying for extra funding from the Mayor of London to further support teachers of Computing in London, building on the CAS London regional network and Teaching London Computing. As part of this we have been asked to give details of schools that will be involved in our application. If you would like to be part of this network please fill in the details in this Google form. Your data will be stored at QMUL and shared only with the Mayor’s office.

But I’m already on your mailing list, will that do?
Unfortunately not – people signing up to one of our mailing lists have agreed that we can use their contact details to send them information about our courses and events and / or to receive free copies of cs4fn magazines. We can’t assume that they’re happy to be in our engagement network unless they tell us, and we have to let them know how their data will be used as part of that separate purpose.

• Would you like to know about our future events for London teachers? Sign up here
• Would you like to receive free cs4fn magazines for your school? Sign up here (goes to cs4fn website)

What is Teaching London Computing currently up to?
We have around 20 teachers on our A-level Computing CPD evening course and we are running the following events in November and December.

1. Free workshop – £0
Sorting Unplugged with Paul Curzon
Date and time: Wednesday 25 November from 5.00pm until ~6.30pm
Location: Room BR 3.01 (Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms at QMUL)
[More info about Sorting Unplugged] [Get a free ticket for Sorting Unplugged

2. miniCPD sessions – £30 for London teachers, £60 for non-London teachers
Introduction to Arduino with Nicola Plant
Date and time: Saturdays 21 or Saturday 28 November, from 2pm to 5pm
Location: G2 Matlab, Engineering Building at QMUL
[More info about Introduction to Arduino]
[Buy a ticket to Introduction to Arduino – 21 November]  [Buy a ticket to Introduction to Arduino – 28 November]

As you might expect from the name, miniCPD sessions are somewhere between workshops and CPD classes and focus on a particular topic in depth.

3. Free magic show – for secondary school-aged children – £0
The Magic of {Christmas} Computer Science with Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan
We’re delighted to be hosting the IET Christmas Children’s Lecture at the People’s Palace (at QMUL). The Magic of {Christmas} Computer Science is a magic show powered by hidden computer science and will take place from 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday 2 December. Please pass this (and the attached flyer) on to your pupils and their families, thank you.
[More info about the magic show]  [Get a free magic show ticket] [Download a flyer]

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