QMUL / Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science

Every Autumn since 2015 the Computer Science department at Queen Mary University of London has hosted a series of Ri Masterclasses, with the Royal Institution (of Christmas Lectures fame).

Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science 2018

Week Six – 20 October 2018 – Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh and Julian Hough

ITL (Informatics Teaching Laboratory), off Bancroft Road
It’s the same room / building as in Week 3 (William, Paulo and Robin’s Nest social networking)

The ‘ITL’ aka the Informatics Teaching Laboratory at QMUL


  • Come to Stepney Green tube station, exit and turn left onto Mile End Road
    (If you want to pick up a snack there’s a small Sainsbury’s just behind you to your left, if not carry on walking and cross Globe Road (there’s also a Co-op there))
  • Keep walking up Mile End Road, and turn left into Bancroft Road
  • After passing a couple of buidings you’ll see the side path leading onto what looks like a building site with dark blue boards up. Walk all the way round and come to the ITL (pictured above)
  • Jo is on 07706 148 772 for contact on Saturday

A reminder please to be particularly careful when having your mid-morning snack, and to do so away from the computers (and to give Jo any rubbish to take away).

The postcode for Godward Square is E1 4FZ but for Bancroft Road it’s probably E1 4DQ (note that Google Maps won’t necessarily show the building works and how that affects the entrance to the building). If you use the What3Words system the three words are as follows

ITL https://map.what3words.com/tracks.union.goes
Bancroft Road passageway to the ITL https://map.what3words.com/charmingly.ladder.froze
Once inside the passageway the detour starts at around https://map.what3words.com/text.bonds.planet 

See you on Saturday from about 9.30-9.45am, class will start at 10am as usual.

Previous Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science 2018

  • Week 5 – 13 October: Becky Stewart and Andrea Guidi (Bela platform and PureData)
  • Week 4 – 6 October: Gustavo Lau with help from Jameel Kassam, Martin Davtyan and Rene Montero. We were also joined by Holly as First Aid support.
  • Week 3 – 29 September: William Marsh and Paulo Oliva looking at social networking (with Python, Sqlite and databases) in the Informatics Teaching Laboratory (ITL) (+Ben from Ri)
  • Week 2 – 22 September: Peter McOwan on the Magic of Computer Science, in Room CS 3.01, Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms (+Ben from Ri)
  • Week 1 – 15 September: Paul Curzon on Artificial Intelligence, in Room CS 3.01, Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms, we were also joined by Ben from the Ri for First Aid support

Page updated by Jo Brodie (admin), Paulo Oliva is QMUL’s Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science academic lead.