Information Technology – Yellow Level

The Computing Progression Pathways suggests that at the yellow level, on the theme of Information Technology, a student should demonstrate that he/she:

  • Uses technology with increasing independence to purposefully organise digital content. (Abstraction)
  • Shows an awareness for the quality of digital content collected. (Evaluation)
  • Uses a variety of software to manipulate and present digital content: data and information. (Algorithmic Thinking)
  • Shares their experiences of technology in school and beyond the classrom. (Generalisation) (Evaluation)
  • Talks about their work and makes improvements to solutions based on feedback received. (Evaluation)

The following link to cs4fn articles that illustrate Information Technology – Yellow Level

  • Since the advent of the microprocessor by Intel in 1971, electronic computers have made their way into more areas of our everyday life. It is now unlikely that most people in the developed world will get through a day without some use of a computer. So what are the impacts of this technological revolution which benefits and detriments our society?

    So What’s the Problem? The Impact of Computers [cs4fn-link]

More of our resources, including linked computing ‘story’ booklets can be found in our resources section. You may also want to look at cs4fn’s teacher resources or browse the latest cs4fn magazine.

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